Teens A-Z


by Steve Damron

Spiralbound, 314 pgs.


It is a fact that adults do not always have the highest admiration and respect for young people.  This is why Paul wrote to Timothy, “Let no man despise thy youth…” (I Timothy 4:12).  Timothy faced a real problem as a young leader because adults immediately “turned him off” as they do young people today.

As revealed in I Timothy 4, God has blessed teenagers with abundant energy, ample time, and an alert mind.  As parents and as a church, let’s make sure that we don’t underestimate the youth that God has given us, and let’s use the teenage years to advance their training so that they can be equipped for God’s purpose for their lives.

This book is written to help parents, pastors, and youth pastors with some guidelines and direction for instilling character, morals, and guidance for young people today.