Let’s Go Fishing


Let’s Go Fishing (by Walter Wilson, M.D.)

156 pages.


Let’s Go Fishing with the Doctor (by Walter Wilson, M.D.)

Let’s Go Fishing, authored by Walter Wilson (1881-1969), a medical doctor, preacher, businessman, and personal soulwinner.  In this book, Wilson purposes to equip believers in the task of personal soulwinning.

This book offers help for evangelizing on the streets and in homes. Its crux is the emphasis on the individual Christian filling his mind with Scripture and following the leading of the Holy Spirit in the search for souls. He promotes soulwinning as a “way of life” rather than merely a scheduled event. Consider these words from the first chapter: “What you are and what you say will go together in all of your service…for this reason it is so very necessary that the Holy Spirit have charge of the life as well as the message.” Chapters include: Opening the Conversation; Answering Religious Questions; Hold to the Point; Use the Scriptures Effectively; and Obstacles to be Overcome.

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156 pages.