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  • The Teenager Years of Jesus Christ – by Jerry Ross


    Teenagers–read this book! Discover the priorities of Jesus Christ when He was a teenager here on earth. Are they the same as yours? Parents–read this book! All parents follow some pattern when rearing their children. What better master plan than the plan of the Master? Youth workers–read this book! This book is loaded with ideas to help your young people accept the ultimate challenge. Pastors–read this book! Rich in scriptural support, this is a book that reminds us all of the ultimate purpose and goal of the ministry. With the writing of this book, Pastor Jerry Ross celebrates over twenty years of working with teenagers: in inner-city Chicago; as pastor of the Central Baptist Church of Brazil, Indiana; as youth pastor of the Blessed Hope Baptist Church of Jasonville, Indiana, where he now serves as senior pastor. He and his wife, Sheryl, have three daughters: Amanda, Hannah and Tabitha.

    120 pages

  • Biblical Masculinity – by Jerry Ross


    Biblical masculinity has all bu disappeared in our modern day culture.  Satan has systematically targeted the tenets of Biblical manhood, eliminating them one by one from our society.  The void left has been filled with a carnal, corrup and confusing idea of what true masculinity really is.  The 21 Tenets of Biblical Masculinity presented in this booklet brings scriptural clarity and sound conviction on a subject too long ignored.

    80 pages

  • A Teenager’s Guide to Character, Success, & Happiness – by Jerry Ross


    Scroll down for description.

  • Stay in the Castle – by Jerry Ross


    Stay in the Castle is the story of ayoung lady who finds herself at a crossroad.  One road is marked, “My will.”  The other, “God’s will.”  It is a Love Story.  A story of misplaced love, lost love and genuine love realized.  Best of all, Stay in the Castle is a true story.

    22 pages

  • A Teenager’s Guide to the Invisible Creation – by Jerry Ross


    Christian teenagers have a huge advantage over the rest of the culture.  Your advantage lies in knowing the sacred secrets of the Bible.  The 19 lessons in this book will allow you to peek into a realm unknown to most of the human race.  There is an INVISIBLE CREATION that is every bit as real…